• Rolling Stone (Austrailia) – “Elana James”

    August 3rd, 2007 at 7:56pm

    Rolling Stone (Australia)
    August 2007

    Elana James (Three-and-a-half Stars)
    Elana James/ Shock Records
    There is no mystery about how Texas Elana James ended up playing fiddle for Bob Dylan’s touring band in 2004 – she is an incredibly talented violinist, blending everything from classic touches of Stephane Grapelli to hints of mod trad-master Mrk O’Connor in an energetic, engaging style that says a lot about both her own personality and the music she loves. James matches her bow work with a sweet, sassy purr of a voice, and turns both to the task of rendering a contemporary take on some very traditional western swing and jazz ideas. Whether they be self-penned songs – such as “Oh, Baby” – or her own arrangements of traditional tunes – like “Goodbye Liza Jane” – James is at her best when she is upbeat and the cheekiness that seems inherent to both her playing and singing is allowed to really shine through.

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