“I’D UNDERSTAND WHY” © Elana James, Osage Music (BMI), 2000.
  • In the springtime all the leaves have their trees,
    every web has it’s spider to weave.
    Even roses get the noses of strangers passing by;
    if I could only have you, I’d understand why.

    Wildflowers have their birds and their birds and their bees
    Black and white stripes have zebras to please.
    All the monkeys in the trees couldn’t swing without their vines;
    If I could only have you, I’d understand why.

    Every oyster has its pearl to appease,
    drops of water have thier rivers and seas,
    every boat has it’s lighthouse, to welcome it ashore.
    If I could only have you forecvermore.

    Blue sky needs clouds so it can chase them away,
    the sun needs night to shine bright in the day.
    How do I need you, like the stars need the sky,
    Until I have you, I’ll never know why.

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